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#291- 2-5/16 in. Left Hand Awning Window Operator for Security Windows

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This left-hand awning window operator is made of aluminum and zinc die cast. Finished in silver color to match the window frames. It fits awning-type windows manufactured by Security Windows.

  • Vertical orientation
  • Aluminum and zinc die cast material
  • Silver color finish
  • Fits windows manufactured by Security Window
  • Use Bolt and Bushing #191 to attach operator to window harness

Arm Length2.3125 in.
Depth2.5 in.
Height5.25 in.
Width1.5 in.
Length5.25 in.
Material Aluminum
Weight 0.71 lb.


Installation Instructions/Instrucciones para la Instalacion

Awning Window Operator - Instructions

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Select new operator by:

  1. Matching mounting hole pattern of old operator to new operator
  2. Matching link length and style of old operator to new operator.


Installing new operator:

  1. Attach link to torque bar with original fasteners.
  2. Mount operator with original mounting screws.

Note: Bolts, bushings, E rings, screws, and rivets, are sold separately.


Para seleccionar su nuevo operador:

  1. Compare los huecos que se usan para instalar el operador a la ventana.
  2. Compare el largo del brazo del operador.


Para instalar el nuevo operador:

  1. Conecte el brazo del operador a la barra que se mueve en la ventana.
  2. Monte el operador a la ventana con los tornillos originales.

Nota: Los tornillos para instalar el operador a la barra y a la ventana se venden por separado.

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