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#211- Reversible Jalousie Window Operator Kit

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This reversible window operator kit is designed to fit jalousie windows and provides left-hand or right- hand operation. This kit fits 99% of the jalousie windows. Finished in silver color to match the aluminum window frames.

  • Made of aluminum and die cast metal
  • Reversible for left or right hand operation
  • Silver finish
  • Includes operator, 3 different sizes of links and all attaching and mounting hardware

Arm Length3 in.
Depth2 in.
Height4.75 in.
Width0.625 in.
Length4.75 in.
Material Aluminum
Weight 0.54 lb.

Installation Instructions/Instrucciones para la Instalacion


211 instruction

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  1. Remove old operator: remove attaching screws and link screw from window moving bar.
  2. Select link in the replacement kit nearest to size you removed from old operator. If choice is between longer or shorter link, choose shorter one for tighter jalousie fit.
  3. Assemble link to operator: insert shoulder stud through hole in operator arm (see step #3). Put end hole on the link over the shoulder stud. Be certain link stud is facing same way as shoulder stud. Insert “E” Ring in groove in shoulder stud.
  4. Installation of operator: install new operator on window. You may use your old screws or the new screws in kit (see step #4). Insert link stud in moving bar, secure with link screw.
  1. Quite el operador viejo removiendo los tornillos que lo aguantan a la ventana y a la barra.
  2. Seleccione el eslabon que mas se acerca al eslabon viejo. Si no hay ninguno exacto al viejo, escoja uno un poco mas corto que el eslabon viejo.
  3. Junte el eslabon nuevo al operador pasando el ramache atraves del hueco grande del eslabon. Asegure el ramache con el “E” Ring (vea figura #3).
  4. Monte el operador nuevo a la ventana usando los tornillos en el paquete. Introduzca el “Link Stud” en la barra de la ventana y asegure con el tornillo del eslabon (vea figura #4).


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