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#474- Lenahan Steel Door Roller Assembly

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This door roller assembly allows you to easily operate your patio sliding glass door. This roller is used by Lenahan Door and other manufacturers. Roller is made of stamped steel and features a 1-1/2 in. steel wheel.

  • Allows you to easily operate a patio sliding glass door
  • Used by Lenahan manufacturers
  • Made with a stamped steel housing and a steel wheel
  • 1-1/2 in. diameter steel wheel

Depth2.125 in.
Height1.125 in.
Width0.6875 in.
Material Stamped Steel
Weight 0.29 lb.

Installation Instructions/Instrucciones para la Instalacion

  1. To remove door, open completely, lift up and tilt out.
  2. To remove roller, remove mounting screw. If you have a second mounting screw, you may have to remove the bottom door frame by carefully tapping it off. Replace roller and install mounting screws. Place vinyl ā€œuā€ channel back on glass and tap bottom frame back in place.
  3. Adjust rollers by turning the adjustment screw in the back of the roller and adjust handle strike if necessary.


  1. Para remover la puerta, abra completamente, levanter y gire hacia afuera.
  2. Para remover el rodillo, remueva el tornillo de montaje. Si tiene un segundo tornillo de montaje, es posible que tenga que quitar el marco inferior cuidadosamente tocandolo suavemente. Cambie el rodillo e instale los tornillos de montaje. Re-instale vinilo tipo “u” en el vidrio y monte el marco inferior.
  3. Ajuste los rodillos rotando el tornillo de ajuste en la parte trasera del rodillo y ajuste el mantenedor de la cerradura si fuera necesario.


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