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#335W- White Screen Door Hinge

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This screen door hinge is compatible with most screen doors and helps provide smooth operation with the extruded aluminum construction and brass brushing.  Designed with a grooved center leaf. 5-3/16 in. High x 1-5/16 in. wide. White finish.


  • Compatible with most screen doors
  • Made from extruded aluminum for rust-free durability
  • Made with brass brushing
  • Finished in white
  • Grooved center leaf for perfect fitting

Depth0.25 in.
Height5.1875 in.
Width1.3125 in.
Material Aluminum
Weight 0.08 lb.


Installation Instructions/Instrucciones para la Instalacions


  1. Remove old hinge starting with jamb side, then remove scres or rivets from the door edge.
  2. Position new hinge over existing holes with center leaf of hinge on door. If holes do not match, drill new holes using the hinge as a template.
  3. Attach hinge to door first, and then attach hinge to door jamb with two outer hinge leaves.


  1. Remueva la visagra vieja comenzando con el lado del marco. Luego remueva los tomillos de la orilla de la puerta.
  2. Ponga la visagra nueva sobre los buecos existentes con la hoja central de la visagra sobre la puerta. Si los huecos no se alinean, taladre huecos nuevos usando la visagra hueva como guia.
  3. Instale la visagra a la puerta primero usando la hoja central y luego instale la visagra al marco de la puerta usando las dos hojas externas.


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