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#184- Bandit Bar Door and Window Lock

The Bandit Bar Door and Window Lock is a hinge-type lock made from Lexan and designed to offer security protection for sliding glass doors and sash windows. A 3M special adhesive bonds to the glass and its holding power increases with natural aging. Easy to install with no tools needed.

  • Protection for sliding glass doors and sash windows
  • Constructed from long lasting lexan
  • Clear finish
  • 3M special adhesive bonds to glass
  • Installs without tools

Depth0.25 in.
Height2 in.
Width3.1875 in.
Weight 0.05 lb.

Installation Instructions

  1. Close and lock sliding glass door or window.

    Click here to enlarge

    Click here to enlarge

  2. Close BanditBar hinge into locked position and place on door or window to determine the best location (see illustration).
  3. Clean selected glass area thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol, dry with another clean soft cloth before alcohol evaporates: buff area briskly with leenex to absorb all moisture.
  4. Peel tape backing carefully and fix BanditBar to glass.
  5. Pull spring-loaded detent pin to unlock hinge and set BanditBar flat against glass. Using eraser side of pencil, press taped area firmly against glass to remove all air bubbles. Adhesive will reach 90% bond strength in 72 hours.


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