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#445W- White-Plated Patio Door Lock with Key

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This patio door lock is made of die cast and finished in white. It features an “upward” locking movement and includes a key cylinder. It comes complete with keeper and screws.

  • Includes 2 keys
  • 6-5/8 in. hole spacing
  • Keyed for outside access
  • Used by many door manufacturers

Maximum Door Thickness1.125 in.
Depth1.125 in.
Height7.688 in.
Width1 in.
Minimum Door Thickness1 in.
Weight 0.5 lb.
MaterialCast Metal

Installation Instructions/Instrucciones para la Instalacion

For Assembly to Door

  1. Place interior pull in rail by rotating cam latch toward cut-out.
  2. Place exterior pull in rail.
  3. Place handle pull on interior pull.
  4. Secure entire assembly with 2 No. 10.32 machine screws.
  5. Align keeper in jamb, allowing 1/16 clearance between bottom of keeper and cut-out. Fasten securely with 2 sheet metal screws.


Para Instalar en la Puerta
  1. Instale la haladera exterior en el marco rotando el pestillo hacia el huerco en el marco.
  2. Instale la haladera exterior en el marco.
  3. Instale la agarradera de madera o de metal – opcional.
  4. Asegure las dos partes de la cerradura con los dos tomillos 10.32 incluidos.
  5. Alinear el mantenedor en la jamba dejando 1/16″ de espacio entre la parta inferior del mantenedor y el huerco en el marco. Asegure el mantenedor con dos tomillos de metal incluidos.


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