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#1019- 7/16 in. Bi-Fold Door Bottom Pivot

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The Barton Kramer bi-fold bottom pivot has a 7/16 in. nylon base. The pivot can be adjusted up or down for a perfect fit of the door. The pivot is made of steel for a long lasting operation.

  • Grooved tip for easy adjustment
  • Used by Acme, Stanley, Cox and other manufacturers
  • Fits doors up to 1-3/8 in. thick and 50 lbs.
  • Easy to install

Maximum Door Thickness1.375
Depth0.469 in.
Height2 in.
Width0.469 in.
Material Steel
Weight 0.05 lb.

Installation Instructions/Instrucciones para la Instalacion

  1. Remove door by lifting up and tilting bottom up.
  2. Replace bottom pivot with new one.
  3. Adjust vertical position by rotating the wheel on the pivot. Doors should clear header.
  4. Adjust the door horizontally by lifting the bottom pivot and sliding it into the required slot on the jamb bracket leaving at least a 1/8” gap between the doors and the jamb.


  1. Desmonte la puerta levantandola y girando hacia afuera.
  2. Remueva el pivote inferior viejo e instale el nuevo.
  3. Ajuste la puerta verticalmente rotanto la rueda en el pivote. La puerta no debe tocar el travesano superior.
  4. Para ajustar la puerta horizontalmente levante el pivote inferior y deslice en la ranura de la basedejando por lo menos 1/8” espacio entre la puerta y la pared.


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